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Suntek - PPF C (Paint Protection Film – Coated) VS PPF NC (Paint P

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Hi guys,

I am a beginner- PPF-installer. :facepalm2

I just opened PPF installing-shop in Korea and Japan. 



I used XPEL XTREME and I decided to use SunTek PPF now.


As you know that there are two types of PPF for SunTek.


1.  PPF C (Paint Protection Film – Coated)

2.  PPF NC (Paint Protection Film – Un-Coated) 


Between SunTek PPF-C and PPF-S Price difference is around 200$~250$


I believe that PPF C is surely better than PPF NC, but when I think of the price differences, PPF NC could be better option over PPF C

if its quality is not so different.

I actually do not know the differences since I have no experience to use SunTek PPFs. 


So could you guys please recommend better PPF for me?


I would care and focus more easy-install-PPF.  :D 

So please recommend which one is better for me.


Thank you .

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The difference in durability betweeen C and NC is very large.  Just as the difference between Xtreme and Ultimate.  I agree with pro3 100%.  The cost difference between the cheapest and most expensive films on the market is minimal.  

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Hi kugs

SunTek is a good film. Take my advice and go with non top coated.

It's easier to install and as in your conditions in Korea its great quality and won't differ.


I completely disagree with this advice.  Non top coated films do not weather well in the acid rain that is found in Korea.  Prepare yourself for a large quantity of returns if using a non coated film.  We experienced this first hand in china with one of our older products.

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I agree with Jeff. One of the main reasons our industry has had such a hard time breaking through the 3% barrier for penetration is public perception of the product. Early versions of almost everyones film 5-10 years ago showed texture, yellowing, cracking, etc... These things stay in people's minds for a long time because it was negative experience. Within the last 4-5 years, the technology of our films has gotten better. Top coated film is easier to install than ever before which is why more new installers jumping in the market have rushed into TC material instead of starting with non-tc and then jumping into tc. 

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Hi Kugs, just do the maths. if you reckon on between 4 and 5 m per standard install then between 6 to 8 installs per 30m roll you are looking at between $30 and $40 extra per install. Now I wouldn't throw that kind of money out the window for no reason but if you have to redo much more that one wing end or headlight once you have taken the extra labour and film costs into account that 30-40 dollars you have saved has just gone. PPF customers by their very nature are fussy and the film does nothing more than protect the paint so why skimp on the very thing the customer is requesting. Work up to a quality level not down to a price.



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It depends what kind of film is being used guys.

Not that I use it or sell it. But SunTek is one unique product and is different from most films out there, not that they make it in house. But under tests I get better results on non TC in installs even though TC was great. But both are acid resistance and would withstand acid rain.

What I would do is get the film a after installation coat it with a nano Titanium dioxide or nano silica coating that is suspended in alcohol, there are a few manufacturers around Inchon. Just to get that TC shine into the film which is noticeable on darker cars.

Trust me, it's not a decision based on cost.

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