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doing mobile window tinting. in need of an alternative to qdp.


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Qdp is one of best films I have used as far as longevity goes. It has a great scratch coat and shrinks fairly easy. However it shows dirt and specs like no other. Even with a closer inspection after the job everything looks good until it dries. Due to the environment I'm tinting in I'm looking for something that I can rub blemishes off with a touch of heat. Looking for a film that will last at least 5 years without purpling or orange peeling. Thinking about stocking solarfx ultra. Anyone else in mobile window tinting? What do you prefer to use?

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Mobile window tinting is a beast unto itself. I have a shop AND I offer mobile service as well. Contamination with mobile window tinting is something you're going to encounter no matter which film you choose when you offer. Just make sure you are tinting inside, out of the wind. Give the car a VERY THOROUGH wipe down before you even put film to car. Having said that, I use Aegis and I'm very happy with the way it installs and if/when needed allows a small speck of contamination to be heated and chiseled into the glue.

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How long have you used it? No fade or color change?

So nobody knows you can peel away from your body and straight into the glass, or just use a small peel board inside the car and do it there? Is all about how you control your environment...

I usually get pretty much flawless results mobile. However, when you're at a dealer and they have all bay doors open or are sweeping the floor then it's inevitable that you're gonna get some junk.

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