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Non genuine replacement auto glass...advise customers of it.

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The replacement of vehicle glass today outsourced to foreign non genuine glass suppliers offered by one of the big replacement mobs is of terrible quality.


Do make sure your client is aware of the dreadful distortions in the glass which is not of your doing nor of the film you are putting back in its' place.


I had a Nissan Pathfinder in today and the front door glass offering which was not genuine I gave a score of 3 out of 10.

Why do the supply it? it's cheap and they make more profit.



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Devil, over here the insurance companies own glass replacement shops. When a glass claim is called in, the insurance co tries to steer you to their installers. ( by law you can choose who does it for you ) but if you go to your own choice of shops, the insurance company will only pay that shop what they themselves would charge for a aftermarket glass replacement. Not what a OEM piece costs.

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Not all aftermarket glass is the same. We get much of our glass from pilkington who also produces glass for many different car companies. This type of premium aftermarket glass is basically the same as oem at a third of the price.

There is generic aftermarket glass that is mainly manufactured out of china you want to steer clear of.

Just like hack tint shops there are a lot of hack glass shops. Many times I've cut out glass only to find rust where the previous installer scratched the frame and failed to prime it. There is also garbage urethan out there that some shops use that can actually affect your safety in a negative way should you get in an accident.

If the customer does their research they can get quality glass with a quality install at a third of the price than if they went to a dealer. Which just like with tint, most dealers have a third party install their oem glass.

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theres good and bad aftermarket glass, oem is always going to be the best but i cant justify say a 2010 corolla oem windscreen costing around $450 for the glass alone

sometimes side and rear glass is the same price as aftermarket, worth making calls if you fit glass, actually got genuine toyota hilux (pickup) quarter window $5 cheaper than aftermarket

I know that glass you are talking about Dev, it looks shocking, also i bought an aftermarket pathfinder rear screen to use to shrink and cut on to avoid all the fasteners and i did a perfect shrink on it and cut it oversize and it didn;t even come close to sticking down on the genuine window lol

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Always fun too when you use kits that are 100% accurate on oem glass but are 1/2 inch too small for the a/ market counterpart with a different painted edge. I've wasted one or two rear screens now this way.

I'm always suspect about the demister bars on the a/ market rear screens also, a lot of horror stories around about that one.

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