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Random acts of kindness


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Tell everyone your good deeds today.

I go first. I was walking into the Einstein Bagel store and a homeless guy asked for a coffee. I went ahead and got him a coffee, and an Egg Panini Sandwich.

He was really grateful. I do these acts very often. I have been known for leaving a good tip or paying dessert for a

Family sitting behind me at restaurants and just tell them to pass the act forward.

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It didn't happen today, but last week I had a lady stop in our parking lot because her car was over heating and spilling coolant all over our lot. I had nothing really going on so I offered her a bottled water and told her to have a seat in our showroom until the car cooled down enough so I could try seeing what was going on. After about 30 minutes I topped off the fluid in her radiator and away she went. She only had a short way to get home and I knew it would be good enough to get her there without having to pay for a tow. 

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For years, I've kept these coins on me in my pocket and when I see a stranger in true distress (eg. A waitress having a real bad day and close to tears) , I include this coin as part of my tip. It's amazing how a small token from a stranger can mean so much at the right time. One of my purposes on this planet is to do this . I hope it helps a few people along the way in some small way .

About to hand one out as I type this after a breakfast at A&W [emoji4]


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I bet that small token that didn't cost you much or anything makes all the difference in the world

They are a couple of $ per coin. Kinda pricy so I hand them out only when provoked by my inner voice :DD
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Had a lady in front of me at the store one day. She had a few odd and end things not much. After she started reaching for her wallet she realized she left it in the truck. She ran out to get it and by the time she came back i had paid for them and out the door. Her face was priceless when she walked out.

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They have actually brought tears and jugs from complete strangers . Hard to put into type on here the magic that transpires but I can tell you that it far exceeds the cost of the coins . And people pass them onwards when no longer needed.

It's something I started about 10-12 yrs ago

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Do my raffles count?    I try my best to always make every person I come in contact with daily to make their day better. Whether it come from words of affirmation, a pat on a back, to providing a lunch, desert, groceries, what ever it may be. Sometimes, as TW does, kindness of any form can change a persons day for the better.

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