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SolarFX September Raffle Winner


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Ok boys and girls. After setting the record for the amount of posts in any single thread (7615 posts) in the history of Tint Dude, Random.org has selected the winning post number. I will post it now and than begin the process of going through page by page to find the winning post.


Thank you all so much for participating in this raffle. Thank you Tint Dude for allowing us to hold the raffles!


Here is the winning post number 4935, Stay tuned for the actual winner (it may take me a while to get to the post...LOL)




And the winner is TINT ZEUS




Tint Zeus, please contact me at 800-825-3746 or email me at whitehog@att.net so we can get all the details for shipping your prize booty!!



Thank you again everyone for playing and stay tuned for our next SolarFX Window Films raffle!!



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