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How's everyone finding Johnson's Rage Film?


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Hey there everyone, I'm just wanting to know how the Rage Film from Johnson is going for durability and reliability on your customers vehicles? we have not had it in NZ for a huge amount of time, and wanted to know what you all thought about it as a film, cheers Pete :-) I have used rage 35, 20 and 5 and it seems to be quite good...

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Only ever did about 30 - 40 cars in it before I stopped using it in favour of another manufacturer.

I get more call for high end films with better tser, but I liked the look of Rage and it was easy to install.

No warranties so far from 2 years ago.

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I bought a couple rolls of rage a couple years ago. I only used it on 2 vehicles and only over the factory tinted back glass. I heard some bad things about the durability of it and did not use anymore. The unused boxes are collecting dust on the shelf. I'll stick with the Silhouette, Marathon, Executive and Insulatir from JWF.

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That's not to bad responses from you all. I have used quite a bit of rage, but was unsure of the durability of it. I would rather you silhouette as it is a better film. The Tint world is ok over here, still get undercut by different installers, I think it's just the nature of the industry. Yea you do have to be serious about moving here permanently which is good I think. 

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