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Photosync, Pinnacle, or CXP


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Tying to find out which is the best of these tints:


Spectra Photosync

F1 Pinnacle

SunTek CXP


These are available in this area as "upper line" tints.  Although you may not consider them all as upper-line, the prices on all three lend to being in that category. 

Given these three options, what would you recommend?


I see alot of information and issues with CXP, but maybe that's because it's being used so much.

I don't see much talk about Pinnacle, and I see almost nothing about Photosync.

Photosync seems very interested, but again, I see literally nothing about it.

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I have 0 experience with Photosync. Suntek CXP is a really good film. Very installer freindly and has a good tser rating at 53% for a 35VLT . Pinnacle is a great film as well with a tser rating of 54% with a 35VLT. I don't think you will go wrong with either of those films. Both carry a lifetime manufacturer's warranty...so whether you've heard good or bad...any defects in the film will be covered under the warranty.

Here's a link to a comparison page for the two films I mentioned...

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I install Pinnacle so that would be my suggestion. A lot of Tesla owners rave about the Photosync but from what I have read from other posts, the specs don't add up. I have little experience with Suntek, but from what others have said, they have had a lot of issues. 

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3M Crystalline is another option. I've installed CXP, ATX(Llumar's high end) and 3M Crystalline. The Llumar and CXP both shrink and install very easily. The Crystalline takes a bit more work to install properly, but its a beefy film and is comparable to any other brands high end line. If I had a choice between all of them, I would probably lean towards the F-1 Pinnacle myself.

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I was going to ask about the Llumar CTX...since Llumar is such a large name, it's readily available everywhere around here.  How does it stack up again the others.

What's confusing...I see that FormulaOne is a Llumar company (as probably are many), but spec-for-spec the Llumar CTX and F1 Pinnacle match.  Are they the same product under different names?  I've heard good things about the Pinnacle, but don't see much about the Llumar CTX.  Are they the same or different?

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I wish I could answer that. I have yet to install Llumar CTX but have installed tons of the Pinnacle. From what my film rep says is the CTX is different than the Pinnacle. I have a hard time believing that myself. There is another member on here from time to time by the name Smartie2Shoes. If anybody will be able to answer that, it would be him. 

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I've installed CTX and Pinnacle a long time ago. I think CTX just has more interior reflection than Pinnacle. 

I dont think you can just order up some Pinnacle though.

CXP is a solid film and we haven't had any complaints.

They actually changed the CTX within the last year because of many complaints of it having too much of a bluish hue. 

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