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Why....oh why?????....


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...Do new start ups seem to think it's a good idea to intentionally mispell their business names? Custom"z:"....Sound"z"...Shade"z"...Dark "Syde"...I just don't understand why they do this. To make their business more appealing to the "younger" crowd? Meanwhile that "younger" crowd is the customer base that consistently 1-doesn't have money or 2-wants the cheapest product or service they can get. I don't get it. /End rant.

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I agree with you 100%. Never understood that... To each their own, but it just looks sloppy to me.

English is a terrible language when it comes to spelling and grammar... I wonder if other countries do that... Like over in France. Is there a tint shop called 'Kool Tintz & Ridez'????

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Yeah yeah...pass the buck. Haha. I've always tried to be as prefessional as I can. Making sure I spell things correctly, use proper grammar, etc. ESPECIALLY on flyers, mail outs, business shirts or cards. I think a well worded and properly spelled ad in itself conveys more professionalism than someone that types in all caps or can't spell correctly. But that's just my :twocents

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Because their new found business is basically a hobby until they realize money is real, and a constant required re-investment back into the business.  I remember starting out as a side business and called myself Turbo Tinting.  I was single, had a dump apartment @ $450/month and a dump 1000 sq ft shell shop @ $400/month, still working full time for $450/week, and thought making an additional $200-$500/week on the side was big money.  Nothing was legit.  

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