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Guest Bryant James Iriel Devlin

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Guest Bryant James Iriel Devlin

Ive been tinting auto for about 10 years now. I love it, I really do. Love the customers and love the cars... 


However, I wish that I was doing only commercial, Because the money is better obviously. Because commercial really is boring and most of the time repetitive.


My question is... How would one go about making his auto, residential, and commercial window tinting company to JUST commercial?



Any input would be extremely appreciated! :)



Thanks in advance! BTW Im new to Tintdude so take it easy on me! lol

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You gotta stay marketing towards that is the simple answer. The hard answer is how do you do that? Get a commercial job in a strip mall, everyone in the whole mall should know you did it. Sun shining in the doctors office your sitting in, speak with someone of importance while you're there. Getting a lot of flat glass is hard but once you're there you're there.

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Call a/c companies. Call blind/shutter companies. Call glass replacement contractors. Call flooring companies. Call interior decorating companies. Get a bada$$ PowerPoint or some type of demonstration together. Show price points. Show what you can do for them. Show how you can both benefit from the other and both make $ off the service you're offering. Just my :twocents

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The secret to staying busy with FG is to have a clientele that uses you over and over again. If you spend all your time chasing 1 time customers, you will starve. Look at your closest big city, find out who the premier commercial builders are and buy them lunch. Knock on the doors of all the private schools, hospitals and any other place with large amounts of glass. Talk with hotel managers, get dodge reports and bid projects that are already specked. It takes time, legwork, knowledge and patience.

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All good advise. Commercial work can be tricky. Most of the jobs are based on price. A lot of commercial clients get multiple quotes and in most cases, if you aren't the cheapest or have a connection, you may not get the job.

Not necessarily.....

I've won jobs without being the cheapest.

Commercial work is draining, requires a lot of knowledge and patience as well as being prepared to not get paid for a while.

A tip I've used to get my foot in the door..... prove to commercial builders you can save them money.

I spent a while looking at commercial works being done in my city. A lot of double glazing is going on for a new wave of energy efficiency.

I've shown how I can match desired u values needed with the use of low e films and a tweak in some of the structural design. Little bit of work but would ultimately save them a lot of money.

Never got one of these to fly, but these builders and pm's have asked me to quote the jobs they are awarded because now they believe I'm the guy they want to work with. They believe I know how to do what needs to be done in the best possible way.

Doesn't matter what you use, most of the time they'll have the film spec'd and most of the time it can become who will do the job for cheapest. But if you can market yourself to a number of commercial builders and introduce yourself to a range of architects who work in this industry (especially for frosting) you'll find they don't always want what's cheapest, but help in getting the job done right and on time as well as sometimes help with what the client will want.

I wouldn't give up auto or resi you can't just "switch" but commercial can reward in time. It does take a lot of time to get the work though, and if your builder is lazy you may be reading plans and schedules over and over trying to do their job for them.....

Again, although it may be a bit of work, I know I've got a purchase order coming my way before the plans have been finalised because I sat down for an hour reading through the plans and marking out what glass would need film for the builder.

Essentially, for me to get the work, I want them to know I'm their guy.

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My question is... How would one go about making his auto, residential, and commercial window tinting company to JUST commercial?



A very close friend of mine did that 7 years ago and went cold turkey on auto and started advertising in his local rag for FG.


He couldn't/wouldn't do auto now if his life depended on it.



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Guest Bryant James Iriel Devlin

What the mess?


I had all these good replies and did not know that people were actually replying to them…


Thank you all for your input. This looks like a lot more work than I thought there would be. I guess you can't just throw money at it and expect money to return. You need to do your homework and extra homework as well.



Thank you all for your input!

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Welcome Bryant :D


2 years ago I would say that 70% of my work was commercial.

When you know exactly what you are doing it is easy work and good money.

You really need to have your paper work skills up to speed. Insurances up to date, and you need to have a very clear understanding on the different types of glass, and the films that can and can not be installed on them.


You will also need to learn how to firstly get your foot in the door with builders and construction companies and architects. And once you do, you need to learn how to best deal with them. Often things get mixed up if you don't have very good communication between the builder, yourself and in many case the Architect involved with many design aspects.


You may often need to source unique or unusual products and that requires some study into some of the products that are available to you, and good relationships with your suppliers in crucial. You will also often be kept waiting quite some time before getting paid, and if you haven't completed the project to specification you may never get paid at all. That requires clear and comprehensive quoting that outlines the works that are about to be undertaken, and clear payments terms.


Finding good contractors is a must as you may get a few small jobs here and there, then one day you might get hit with a huge 50,000sqft project that needs to be completed ASAP. That is when you will need to be able to call open contractors to help complete the project on time. Those contractors will need to be very responsible and reliable and you will need to have your Safe work information updated on each job.


Once you have a great system in place it is as easy as riding a bike and going through the motions, however if you have 1 thing go wrong you can be out of business instantly.


You say that you love tinting cars, and love customers, well maybe you can find a balance?


My local opposition (Who I like and is good) closed his car tinting shop down and now just does residential and commercial, but will NOT tint a car ever again. And I believe that he is just sick of it. I now do mostly cars in my new shop and we have basically traded places. He passes all of his past clients to me that want their cars done, and I pass him work for residential and commercial. Not a single dollar changes hands between us, it is all done in good faith and respect for each others quality work.


I was sick of driving around in the city, trying to find a park, and spending my days behind the wheel and doing paper work, so I changed. He was the opposite. So I guess you could say that a change is a good as a holiday..


I like the fact that quite a few of my customers pay in cash :thumb

You don't get that when you are doing commercial... One day you are rich, the next day you are poor. But you will be forever chasing money.


Picking up commercial work can be as easy as just making sure each and every customer you do work for is aware that you also offer commercial tinting services, and if they could let their company or organization know that you would like to be their go to window tinting business.


Good luck and once again welcome Sir. 

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