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As McEnroe would say

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Surely you can't be serious.






This is a Nissan Patrol GQ that I refused to film.

I wasn't even prepared to pull the glass as you can see the rust in behind the frame has bulged it.
This was absolutely disgusting.
I sent the woman on her way and told her to spend the money on something else in the car.

She claimed the aircon didn't work so I said spend the money on that.


This has got to be one of worse condition cars I've had in many a long time.



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To some people a car is just a car. They don't see them like we do. Especially when it's all they can afford. I have a GQ myself, but to me it's a toy.


You're welcome to inspect the sliders if you decide to bring the Ferrari up for a drive on the 13th.... [emoji6]

That is bad a$$!

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