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2 Full Time Tinters Needed: Roswell GA

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We are adding another 2  tinters since we transferred one back to Texas and the other moved to our new spot down the road.  This is a full time spot and you will have plenty of cars to tint.  We work a pre-load program at a large volume auto dealer.  We work in 2 shifts with 4 tinters.  Weekly payday and clean wind free bay.  We have a plotter and software and a porter pulling in and out the cars to tint.  We need steady work 7 to 8 to 9 a day.  It is a 7 day market so you can work as many days as you can handle.  Currently we swap weekends off to get time with family.If we could add 2 more tinters would be ideal.  All the tinters average $1000 to $1200 a week 



Please call me or text me! 


Jim Stigliano




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