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So i stripped my windows

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Stripped one of my sliding glass door panes to work on the reverse roll. This door had a few nicks in it so i figured why not. I peeled the film now this clear part is left. It doesn't seem like just glue as there is a clear thin piece flaking off. Amy easy way to get this off. Six inch scraper won't touch it. Just barely getting it with the single edge. Tried steel wool that just scuffed it up.



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If it's a dry adhesive you are better off with a four inch wallpaper scraper. Triumphs are wimpy wimpy wimpy and too wide for going against dry adhesive removal.


Take comma/parenthesis swipes using only two inches of the blade width for as long as you can scrap up film. Once all the polyester is up use a citrus cleaner degreaser as a soak for about a minute, reapply degreaser, soak a few seconds and then begin scraping away residual adhesive. Do not spray acid base solutions for this purpose, it is best you sponge it on and use plenty of drop cloth type protective measures for the surroundings.


Ammonia does nothing for dry adhesive break down, it must be acidic in chemistry to loosen its grip (e.g. citrus cleaner/degreser, X100/Dirt-Off, JetDry Rinse Agent).

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