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'04 Camry back glass

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Had a customer come back today w/ an '04 Camry & the back glass gets distorted when headlights shine thru it at night. The defrost lines are somewhat thick & that's where the distortion is coming from. When lights shine thru, it multiplies the headlights to make it look like a dozen shining thru. :trustme

Now this is one of the easiest rear windows to tint & I've never had this problem before on any Camry's & wondering if anyone else has seen this or know of a solution??? :booga

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its common.

putting plastic on your windows is gonna cause some distortion one way or another especially when light shines through it.

when the tint goes over the deftosters it raises the film slightly because the defrosters are ON the glass, that slight raised area creates distortion.

ever seen a carnival FUNHOUSE mirror, the kind that make everything look distorted when you stand in front of it? those mirrors do that because they are wavy.

on a backglass each defroster line is RAISED and the tint goes over the defroster causing distortion because the tint is LOW and then HIGH when it goes from glass to defroster and back and forth. couple that with the glass being laid back at a extreme angle on those cars.

thats what I think anyhow :trustme I know I have seen this brought up many times here, its nothing wrong with the film.

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I appreciate your input guys, thanks. I've just never had one this noticable before, I use Llumar ATR on everything & my shop averages over 400 cars a year so I figured I would have seen this before.

Who knows... The customer has been great but just wanted to know if it can be fixed. Oh well :trustme

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