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1st time tint

Guest ryanmmax

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Guest ryanmmax

I recently bought a new Ford Fusion and I want to tint it.  Obviously through little research brands like 3M or Llumar seem to be looked upon favorably.  I plan on driving the car for 5+ years and a quality job is important.  All choices have warranty, I know people who have done Shop A and been very happy, but I am not familiar with the product, opposite I like the sound of product for choice 3 but cant find any reviews....  I guess I dont know how to balance product vs shop....  Is a great install of solar gard better then a good install of pinical 1?



Choices-                                      "brand"                          (recommended by)


1. Shop A- Color stabilized          "solar gard"                   (ford dealership)                   200$

2. Shop B- Color stabilized          "scorpian"                     (lexus dealership)                 200$

3. Shop C- Pinical formula 1        "lumar"                          (find a dealer on website)    220$

4. Shop D- FX                              "3M"                              (chevy dealership)               220$

5. Shop D - Crystalline                 "3M"                              (Chevy Dealership)             500$


Any input would be much appreciated

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Guest ryanmmax

Iv been stalking the forum, and all i can find out about these smaller name tints (scorpion and solar gard) is that you guys (installers) do or dont like working with them (to thin, poor adhesion, flex).   What I have a hard time finding is opinions on quality, whether you think the product will last and continue to look good.  I guess since its my first tint ill probably be happy (ignorant) with whatever i get, but I would like the opinion of some pro's.


Currently im leaning twords choice 3. and getting the lumal pinical ceramic installed, and just being "picky" about the quality...  All I would know is that im getting a "quality" product and as long as the instal looks clean now i guess it will look good later.   Alternatively getting a questionable product done well has more risks in the future.  Im just a little concerned about the 220 price for the lumar ceramic since i have heard that its usually much more expensive then other films.



Alternatively I am in the Columbia SC area and if you can recommend a good shop with good products....

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  • Saint Gobain Solar Gard is one of the big Tint mannies in our industry. Generally very good quality but we don't know which of their films you are talking about (Quantum; HP Supreme; Galaxie etc)
  • Scorpion I cannot comment on - no experience there
  • F1 Pinnacle is a well regarded film but that price seems a little on the low side
  • FX is entry level 3M and not colour stable
  • Crystalline is the Rolls Royce of the line up, probably has the best performance of everything listed and believe it or not, that would be a very good price for it on a 4 door sedan.

Blackwolf's advice is spot on.

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Guest ryanmmax

Price isn't a concern as far as to much, but as far as to little. I just don't see how they can offer a more premium tint at entry level price. I think The crystalline is fair but it is a different price bracket.

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Well maybe they have it on sale. Maybe they are in an overcrowded market. Who knows. Check their reviews. Look at some sample work. And if you want to go with them and are still weary check the film rolls-on the inside it will have lot numbers and film type. Just make sure it is actually Pinnacle and that they aren't putting a different film inside of a pinnacle box. Some shady shops do that.

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Guest ryanmmax

Gave shop 1 a call about their Solar Gard and the use HP supreme.  I have heard great things about this shop, I know they handle the local sheriff depart and several dealerships including ford so they are familiar with my car.   I was hesitant about Solar gard since it doesn't seem to be a big brand (according to RockyDaz it is?)...  So i guess the question is, Solar gard HP supreme (5 minute drive) VS LLumar formula1 Pinnacle (1.5 hour drive).  Darn google for supplying to much and to little information on everything.



                                        HP supreme                       Pinnacle

%Light T                            35%                                     35%

%light  R                            9%                                       7%

UV Pro                             >99%                                   >99%

Total solar reject              >46%                                   >57%



I guess I am more concerned about fading/color change/bubbling then heat rejection.  So the connivance of a local shop would be nice vice driving an hour and a half to go somewhere I cant find reviews on...   It seems that pinnacle isnt 100% ceramic, so I gues its still subject to fading....   Opinions please....


Oh and the manufacturing warranties they say "against excessive or unusual change of color"  What is "excessive/unusual" color change in say 5 years and 10 years?   


(sorry to be a little obsession, but its first tint on first new car... had my mustang for 9 years and i expect to keep this for the next 5-10 so i want it done right.)

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