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2004 merc sl

Guest cool

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hey guys I have a mercedes sl comin in soon. I have been told there are fibre optics behind the door panels and they can be expensive to replace if they get wet...similar to the brain under a BMW's back shelf.

are there any hints or tips or anything I should avoid with this car....all help appreciated :trustme

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Guest naughtydog

I have 2 friends that have done them, one had a big big struggle. There is something you should know about this but I'd rather let you know off-board as when I heard it...I was a little sceptical, so I dont wanna be shooting my mouth on here.

PM me and I'll talk with da man later.

Be careful


You've got my number cool so bell me.

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yup been told the two backwindows r a pain and not to leave to much film at the bottom otherwise its two screws and the panel comes off.

will just have to weigh the job up when it comes in :thumb

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Ive got a 2003 SL500 and was surfing this site for tips on tinting my car. I have read that getting water in the doors and back window has been a real problem to the electronics in there. This may be only a problem with the newer SLs, after 2002.

Can you email me with the details of the problems youve heard of?



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