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dust spots tinted windows

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Do most tint shops replace the tint if there are dust spots? And if so how big do the spots need to be? I just had done a 2013 dodge charger after 5 weeks there were spots over all 4 windows with the back seat windows being the worst. I thought they were tiny air bubbles so I went back to the shop they said it was dust. They did offer to replace the tint which I took in this morning. I just picked up the car and noticed on my way home they only replaced the tint on the back windows not the front. So I called them and they said that they didn't realize I wanted all the window tint replaced and wanted to know how many spots the front windows had. They had the car in the shop all morning in my opinion if someone brings something in for a redo all the windows should have been examined and if there were spots replace it! The passenger window has 3 sections about the size of a quarter each with maybe 25 tiny pen size white spots in each section. The drivers side only had two area's with maybe 20 tiny spots in each section. Am I being to picky? I feel the shop is giving me attitude over it. 

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