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Matte film on Matte paint?

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So my single biggest retail custer account wants me to cover most of his vehicle on a Mercedes G63 that already has matte paint on it. 


I want to jump off a cliff now. 


Anyone put matte film on matte paint?  It seems to me that


1.  It won't stick as well because of the surface being micro-textured.

2.  If you make a mistake, it is likely to 'change' the matte paint a bit just from having adhesive stuck to the paint, since that stuff is so dang sensitive. (No waxing, buffing, quick detail, drive-through car washes, etc...)

3.  It's a stinking G63.. Ugh, the ugliest piece of vehicle ever to come from Germany.

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I have done many matte cars with matte film. Using both Suntek and Xpel Matte.


The biggest problem is sticking on wrap edges. On some matte cars the edges are so textured the film doesn't like to stick. Example underneath hood or into door edges.


You can't clay matte paint so make sure the client delivers a clean car. Then you just do an alcohol wipe before install.


The worst paint I seen was a matte lotus exige. After the film was installed. It looked like there was a thousand dust do the shitty paint. Client understood since I took a lot of before pictures.

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No problems with wrapped edges using it here on my end.

Honestly it's easier to install, seems to want to lay easier, conform easier, nicer to squeegee down.

Did an entire Aventador roadster using the stealth film from Xpel. It heals just like ultimate and has the same none staining properties as ultimate does. Job came out perfect, all edges wrapped where absolutely possible. No issues at all.

Also did an entire Murcelago SV using the film, no issues.

I really enjoy working with the stealth film. I think it's sweet.


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I've never had any issues with matte film apart from like 'Bulk Auto Films' a matte lotus Exige.

I always look forward to working with matte film as its a change to the gloss stuff. it tends to fit like a skin.

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So none of you guys are concerned with the removal process?  I sometimes have to use strong stuff to get all the bits of adhesive off of a car after a normal removal process.  If you ruin a matte finish paint job, can any body shop just re-spray, or is it a specialist type of application?


I'm trying to look past the initial installation here.


Jeff, does Xpel recommend applying any type of film to Matte paint jobs?

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If you pull the film off cold then your asking for trouble but as long as the films warmed whether that be sunlight or a warm unit and you take your time in removing I don't think your have any problem or leave any adhesive residue..

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