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Hey guys, i'm having a hell of a time finding a window tinter...  


tried training few ppl and dude.. that just blows.. they don't get it... 


How do i get a good tinter like my self to step in and do the job.. we offer $15-$30/hr... is that not enough?


advice please!

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I'm in dayton ohio right now. Was gonna play the hockey season out here but I don't want to stay here any longer and I don't want to go back home to Canada for the winter so YES, I will just pick up and move lol That's kinda how I 've been living my life for the last 6 years anyways. It's nothing new to me.


11 years experience, running my own shop. owner, installer, everything. I literally just hate Canadian winters so feel free to get me outta here lol

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