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PPF pricing

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I was curious if anyone can help me price out/ sales techniques on PPF?  In August I had take the training class and they basically said to use the xpel site for pricing which I have been, but I can't hardly get customers to bite on ppf!  I have a steady flow of tint custys that I just mention PPF to them and educate them on the product but they are not willing to pay the price for these installs.  I install XPEL and LLUMAR fillms.   Any help is appreciated!!

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Make sure not to price so low that if you make a mistake that your upside down on the job or make no profit. Good advertising and like someone else said new car owners will seek you out. Make sure your installs are really good and word will get around  :cool

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Definitely call and talk to your rep.  Pricing is one of many factors that helps get business in the door.  Other factors to consider:


- Coverage offered

- How/where are you promoting

- Dealership vs. retail


Chat up your rep about the best strategy for your market.  It can take a while to build up momentum early on, but if you do it the right way, it will make for good long-term business.

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And don't use Llumar, unless they have made a drastic change to their film lately to stop the yellowing in 6 months...


I priced lower when I moved to a new location, but as people saw the quality of my installations, I raised them on up.  The pricing mentioned earlier are lower than what I charge where I am, but in colorado you wouldn't get those prices...

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I'd start out by only quoting the partial hood and fenders for (example)$300.  Then tell them you can do the other pieces for an additional cost.  If they balk at that then tell them its not for everybody, only the smart consumers realize the value it the product. 

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