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Do you remember the last time "you" paid to have a car tinted


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I can still remember the last time I payed for tint before I started tinting. It was back in 2006, I had my 2001 mustang GT tinted. I called down for a quote and it seemed high. I told the guy what I payed a few years earlier and he replied, "That tint was probably shiat!!! We use top of the line solar gard!" I was sold instantly and scheduled.

Anyone else remember the last time you paid for tint, before you started?

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I was 20 years old. Took it to a place that someone told me to go. Just dropped it off to get done,and went back like 3 times to ask "is it done yet". I am sure I annoyed the hell out of him. The owner was a really cool guy. I started working for him shortly after that . He trained me to tint. I ended up buying the shop from him, and am going on 15 years.

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i almost did pay on my first car.....95 caprice....local place wanted $300 to tint it....and i was thinking well if i get pulled over and have to remove it.....im still gonna want it done again....so now itll b 600 total.....and the whole damn car only cost me $600.......


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