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anyone seen this film???


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Ok , I don't have a pic, but you all have seen the green and the blue reflective films from various mannys , I could have sworn I saw a red one but have pored over all my sample books to no avail. Is it available through anyone? Not sure if it would meet the parameters  of doing a run yet so hopefully someone has it. Thanks!!!

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Same as the available blue and green films  , prbly 20% silver w/red showing outside. Hey Mike your post show time of 2:40 am , did you wake up just to answer me  :lol  :lol  :lol thanks!


I found 1 just like you are looking for with Red showing outside, the silver side did not look that great ( slight haze IMOP ) I have a sample book from them, Co&Co Ltd Korea.


Time zone difference............ :spit ........ 4:20 my time.

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