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Be careful, if you are using a LLumar exterior film, they do not consider gasket removal and replacement as sealing the edges in terms of warranty of the install.


I might be wrong on this but I want to believe most old time manufacturers of film do not recognize tinting behind gaskets as a recommended practice. Most warranties are seemingly based on the industry standards adopts in the late 90's whereby film is considered warrantable when trimmed away from gaskets or framing. Better know as daylight install.


Okay now let the :poop  storm begin.

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Do exterior films need to be sealed? Commercial install, I usually pull the vinyl seals install film then put seals back on. How long should I expect a good film to last? Any good recommendations? They want 10ish%. I told them it'd be reflective.


Not all exterior films do. 


I would not suggest removing seals,


Depends on the film and if the glass is at a 90 degree or sloped glass and the zone it is installed in, 


Why just reflective .............. ?

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What else would you recommend besides reflective? The entire store front is stainless steel. Thought solar guards exterior stainless would look good.

Why do you recommend against pulling seals?

It'll be in Maine, 90°.



I would have to see the job and talk with the customer to determine what film would be best for there situation,  why are you recommending a reflective film............ ?


Well what if the window leaks due to your reinstall of the seals, will you take full responsibility for any water damages and for how long will you warranty against that, perhaps if you want to cover any light lines, just use a color sealant.


Look at the warranty.

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