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Private health info not so private....


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So I'm sure you've heard about this....



Daniela Liverani suffered from a persistent nosebleed for over a month in which she thought it was because of a recent motorbike crash while travelling to Asia.To her surprise, the British backpacker found out that there was a three-inch long leech that had been living in her nose for over a month.


I have to wonder... did Daniela give her permission to become a news item? 


Truth be told, I have no problem giving health info if it's required to protect the public... Someone is confirmed to have Ebola... let people know, for example.


But telling the world she had a leech in her nose for a month... does nothing for the good of the people. 



I read a lot of news stories on the local news websites, and much of it really isn't news... but more gossip. When police are called to a residential home to deal with something that turns out to be nothing, and it's a news story... about nothing... except for airing that person's personal business to the world.... 


If I happen to cut off my penis in some wacky tinting accident... I'm not so sure I'd want the world to know about it. lol



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