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Classic Black/Charcoal Hard Coat


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I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to the hard coat/ scratch resist coat on the ewf classic films. I tried both recently and love the look and shrink-ability. The hard coat feels nice to the touch of my fingers. After instal however i notice if i run my triangle hard card on an edge without using slip, it feels very sticky and doesn't slide with ease.

Just wondering if this is normal. I sand my hard cards very well and am used to sliding them down the edges of roll up windows with ease. This by no means will make or break my use of the classic series. But im curious if this is normal. Other color stable films ive used seem to have almost a waxy slippery feel about them when i use my hard cards w/o slip or lil chizler w/o slip.

Any feed back is much appreciated!

And again, im loving the classic charcoal 1.2! Perfect color and love the shrink! Thanks for the film Howard!

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I have noticed that, when those hard cards are new, they have a clear coating, almost like a clear coat which helps them slide. When you sand them, you are taking that coat off. Honestly, those cards are so cheap, I replace them once a month. Yes I know I can save 5 dollars by sanding them down, but then I wouldn't be supporting the inventor, and he/she migjt not come up with new ideas if we installers are not buying. Both tbose films you mentioned are great, been using them for years without a single come back.

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Nice to hear. I am actually over due for a new set of hard cards.

Im glad i switched to the classic series. I can see why so many people like/trust the film


Hi Vteckid,


How about I send you half a dozen cards of your choice on the house?  Just shoot me an email on Monday (I am not 100% sure I know who you are)!


We sincerely appreciate your business.





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