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#1 By: MT1

"This job was done in south Florida mall. I got this job through an company that was hanging all the art deco from the ceiling. The reason they wanted this done was that " AMC 24 " had a line of video games backed up to the glass. So my job was to hide them. I believe that is a Global 20% that was installed. The other interesting part about this job was I was only allowed to install after hours ( 8 pm - 8 am ) .

Either way I was happy to have the work and it was fun to play with the lift that had a max height of 95 ft. "


#2 By: Blackwolftinting

"Stay on the porch if ya can't run with the big dogs...Kodiak painted in Lambo orange...it's a Lambodiak. This thing is a beast."


#3 By: Ultra Tinter



Semi-reflective solar film to maintain a standard tinted appearance from outside and keep Centre Management happy, then a layer of white frost, followed by the perfectly sized pieces of yellow, pink and blue frost to create a modern take on stained glass windows in what is about to become a wedding chapel for Japanese tourists.

Credit to my awesome team for helping to make it happen."


#4 By: irishtinter

Bentley Continental GT coupe installed with Johnsons 20% Marathon B pillar and 45% Marathon up front!

One from us @ Carnology in sunny Northern Ireland


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