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Fact or Fiction---sunroofs should not be tinted??


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Having been in this industry awHile, you hear all kinds of stories about strange accidents after having windows tinted.  That being said, I would like to see what ya'll think about the rumor that if you tint a sunroof it can cause it to crack/shatter/explode..etc.  Is this an old wives tale?? or is there any truth to this??


I have had a few customers ask me to tint there sunroof or glass roof and I have always gone with better safe than sorry attitude< not really knowing if I'm right or not> and stayed away from tinting sunroofs or big scenic roofs


I heard years ago that if you tint a sunroof, it will change the natural heat dissipation characteristics of the glass and actually cause the sunroof to hold heat, and therefore crack or explode when extreme cold hits it (i.e. condensation from a cold drink sat on top of a hot sunroof)   What do ya'll think about this?? Any first hand experiences??  

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Guest matriXtints

Tinted my sisters sunroof about 4-5 years ago and it's still ok, only ever done that one though so it may just be luck that nothing happened,it was a Nissan x-trail so the glass wasn't that big.

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I have done many sunroofs without any issues (That I know of ) I have also heard horror stories from other tinters that did have problems.  My secretary did say that one of her neighbors had a sunroof glass explode and it did have aftermarket film on it and there was no proof of anything that could have broke it.  I'm just glad I didn't do the install! 

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I'm not sure about all that. I had a customer years back wanting me to tint his sunroof and the glass was laminated. I told him I wouldn't do it because of the high risk of it cracking. 

This is what I'm talking about.  I have tinted my own sunroof in a Mustang (t-tops also) but because it was mine, I was not worried about it, and had no problems.   But not all glass is the same and a sliding sunroof or a large panoramic roof would be VERY expensive to replace.  I'm just not so sure the risk is worth the reward without knowing for sure (110% sure)

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Most glass will have a stamp on it stating if it is tempered or laminated. I say most because the last customer that wanted their sunroof tinted drove a 2014 Chrysler 300 and when I inspected the glass it didn't say either one. If in doubt, do without! 

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