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Where can I get good quality Tint?

Guest BTBP

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Where's a good place to buy Tint? ...Good quality Tint, for a fair price. I'm fairly new to tinting (you know going, to the autoparts store to buy a 10ft roll of tint for $15) ......Well I'm done praticing, so I want to buy bulk for fair price. I've seen it for $49 for 50' and I've seen it for $94 for a 50' roll. Just don't know where to go.

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Guest thetintshop

before this gets REALLY out of hand, YOU can't buy good quality tint unless you are a shop.

if you want the kind professionals use, go to a shop and ask if you can buy some. some places will sell it to you, some won't.

some shops have crap film lying around to sell to DIYers. (like me) so be specific on what you want to buy. and make sure there's nothing behind you when they tell you the price. wouldn't want you passing out and cracking your skull open.

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Guest Ibmok Negawsklov

I thought you might want to put out the fire in your VOLKSWAGEN if it is burning add more fuel and RUN and call your insurance company and buy a CHEVEROLET.

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