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Difficulties when shrinking side window


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Hey guys,

I just purchased some standard SunTek window film, and I'm trying to put it on a side window, as usual in all videos, wet it, cut it, but i get pretty big fingers which i try to shrink, but I end up getting creases. I tried 3 times, but still got creases. Any tips on shrinking side windows? The car was a Peugeot 2008 '14

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I've bougt enough film for about 10-15 average cars, and I'm doing it for 75$ per car which is basically free here in Norway, so that I can practice, so I'll have to try and work with the film I have left for now. Average tinting companies charge about 750$ per car here.

Dry shrinking a side window? How would one go about doing that? I've only tinted a few cars, so I'm really doing it just for practice now. Can the reason that it started creasing be that I used the film vertically (updown) instead of horizontally like normal? I did this because I would use/throw away less film.

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