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USA reality show

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We have just had that "big, fat, ugly fiancee reality TV show series on down here and what a lot of hot crock!

Those poor parents would have to be the most stupid parents in all America. Can anyone really be that dumb? :thumb

And as for the pretty little blonde, the producers tried to make it seem all was forgiven and all peachy after they grabbed the million dollars and ran but IMO that family were super pissed and I reckon they will never get over that stunt the little shiela pulled on them.

What do you reckon on this?


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I think they were catching on in the end and the lil' Sheila was ready to give up but the producers tried to tidy it up a bit in the end.

Horrible show. Joe Millionare was the b*mb though.

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The next gem will be The Swan. They're taking a bunch of ugly chicks and giving them a ton of plastic surgery. Then they get to compete in a beauty pageant. :hide

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