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Ha Ha, Customer finds out the hard way

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I had a customer stop in yesterday. He asked me if I would take a look at his truck. I recognized him, but not the truck. I know that I have tinted multiple vehicles for him in the past.

He then told me that he had just had it tinted at Ziebart, cause he had it scheduled there for an undercoating job. I could not believe the crappy work. There were light gaps in the rear window that were as wide as 1/4" in some spots! They had also left rather large light gaps around all of the hardware on the x-cab windows.

He went back to Ziebart to complain, and they gave him $100 back, and told him that no one else could do any better. I laughed.

I asked him what they charged for the job, and he said $215, and that was after a $20 rebate (cause of the undercoating job I imagine). I would normally charge $180 for the same job. He scheduled the job by me this Thursday for a complete strip and redo. He will eventually end up paying about $390 after all is said and done (after the $100 Ziebart gave back).

That made my day, especially since they are the closest shop that does tinting in my area. I will post pictures.

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I have the EXACT same thing happen all the time here, in Bloomington, IN. Recently, a customer who had 2 cars tinted by them took both back, demanded a refund, then brought both of them to me at a higher price than Ziebart charged him.

The amazing thing is, you expect sometimes big chains Like Ziebart or Alta Mere will have terrible tinters because they have new guys all the time...Here in Bloomington the guy who does tint for Ziebart has years of experience ( I think more than me) and His work is ALWAYS bad. I have yet to see something he has done that didn't have clumps of dirt the size of quarters somewhere in each window, and sometimes much worse.

I recently saw a car that literally, no exageration at all, looked like he did not clean the rear window at all before putting the tint on.

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Guest S and S

I get this all the time...I had a guy one time that I retinted the doors after the other guys tinted it twice trying to fix it!! I had to pull the panels because they did ( it was a yellow splash) and they had apparently lost the screws because it had been put back on with WOOD SCREWS!!!!!!!

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