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Does anyone like rap or R&B??

Guest SoFresh&SoClean

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hate it, can't stand it, drives me fricken insane. All they sing about is stupid sheot like how tough they are or how many hoe's they clock, it's so fricken juvinile.

Nothing personal, I just don't like it, no sir, I don't like it at all.

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I like old school rap. Booty rap, 2 live Crew, Jay Z, Fitty and any other rap acts that don't talk about cappin' another homie.

If I'm angry a little DMX don't hurt.

R&B. Hell yeah-uh !!!

Old R&B though - not the new stuff. Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, The Commodores, O'jays, Al Green on and on...

Today's R&B guys are dying of strokes (Luther Vandross) or standing trial for indecency (R. Kelly) or just not quite hiting the mark yet (Brian McKnight).

Ruben Studdard shows some hope but he's only a few happy meals away from a stroke ya'll!!! :headbang

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alice in chians

temple of the dog

stone temple pilots

ry cooder

steve vai


guns & roses

audio slave




body count

chris cornell



days of the new


george thorogood

joe satrianni

johhny cash

kid rock

kings x


led zeppelin

linkin park




oingo boingo

peter gabriel


rage again st the machine

shootyz groove


wall of voodo

damn that took forever :headbang

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Guest SoFresh&SoClean
:headbang:? So funny, R kelly and Lither. :hmmm One of my favorite rappers is Jay-Z, I got all of his albums. I do enjoy old R&B though. I love Marbin Gaye, the temptations, earth wind & Fire.
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Guest SoFresh&SoClean
:headbang Dam Tintdud, I only have jammed to about two of the people u have listed. :hmmm Kid rock and linkin park, ill try to download some of the other ones though and listen to them.
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