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Landmine posts

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You know what I'm talking about, stuff we know better than to post in...Like, "how fast can you tint" or "what's the best film?" Personally, I have a lot of landmine posts that I won't (or shouldn't but do anyway) post in.

What are your landmine post topics?

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Guest fastlanedesigns

I recently posted (in a forum called okspeed.com) in a topic about "Why I am voting for Kerry in November". You talk about a heated debate? There was another one on there about the italian girl who had 8 organs transplanted this week. The guy who started the topic was wondering why anyone would "go to so much trouble". He basically said where do we draw the line? Several laid into him before I could so I went easy on him. Also, anything to do with the war would be a landmine for me. I guess any type of "political" or "moral" topic would be one for me TD.

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Guest metint

Application solutions (as opposed to mounting solution, which has an entirely different meaning in the UK)


Religion as opposed to spirituality (or whose truly chosen) :inot

OT and anything he has to say... :evileye :inot

Over hyped products... :inot

Discussion of a man who needs a 12-step program more than the presidency. :inot

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