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Experienced tinter looking for work

Guest chadedwards

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Guest chadedwards

Hi all,

I have about 4 years experience doing flat glass. I owned my own window film company in Northern Michigan after working at Michigan Glass Coatings in Detroit.

We recently relocated to the Dallas area and hoping to find a job with a good company. I can install or sell (or both) as I have been studying sales and business for over a year.

Thanks for any ideas!

Chad Edwards


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Wow Dallas why did you decide to move there?  I would think that place would be a hard place to start a new tint shop cause of the huge saturation of shops there already.

I hope this site helps you out. :evileye

From what I've heard we've had two tint chains close in the last two months. Moon Shadow and Polar Tinting. I could be wrong but I was told by reliable sources. :lol

Kinda makes me nervous to open shop in a set location.


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From what I've heard we've had two tint chains close in the last two months.  Moon Shadow and Polar Tinting.

Hasn't Moon Shadow been around a long time? That would be like Mother's closing, or even (God forbid) Alta Mere.

BTW Chad, I hope you get landed somewhere great. Have you checked with Evo to see if she's still in need? If nothing else, you could always go to Grapeland and open you own shop across the street from The Tint Shop. :thumb

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MoonShadow is still going strong. I know of five locations still open. The Garland location has gone more to the flat glass side. Worked for them for many years before I moved to Missouri. If you can get on with them you wont regret it. :thumb

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