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Put in remote starter and lost power

Guest rhettd

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Guest rhettd

I've got a 99 suburban. I just completed puting in the viper 751 remote start/alarm, that works like a charm thanks to the help of fellow members on here. Now my problem is that I cant get any power when I drive it, the rpm wont go over 2000. You can push the pedal all the way down to the floor and it doesnt make any differance, it still stays around 1500-2000rpm. What could be causeing that and how can I fix it. :trustme

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1. does it only do this 'limited power' stuff AFTER being remote started?

2. does it do this all the time??

if 1. then you need to MAKE SURE you have powered the WHITE wire as a secong ignition, or the tranny WILL GET DAMAGED !!! :lol6 it should be hooked to the pink/white from the relay pack, this should cure your ails. :thumb

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