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Guest fastlanedesigns

I just saw on the news that 3 guys here in Metro Oklahoma City were arrested today! :thumb

MOORE OK-- A FedEx driver delivered a dr*g bust to police when he brought a suspicious package to the station to be examined.

Police Sgt. Scott Singer said a substance on the outside of a box tested positive for high-quality methamphetamine.

Police obtained a search warrant and a FedEx uniform and truck, then sent an officer undercover to deliver the package Saturday to the site of a window tinting and alarm business at 601 N Broadway, Singer said. When the manager of the business accepted the package, a team of officers moved in to make arrests, he said.

Police arrested Mark Warren Condict, 37, of Moore. He was released Monday from the Cleveland County jail on $102,000 bail. He is charged with possessing a controlled dangerous substance, possessing paraphernalia and dr*g trafficking.

Charles Dale Kirk, 30, of Moore and Raphael Joe Mullin, 49, of Choctaw were charged Tuesday with possessing a controlled dangerous substance and possessing paraphernalia. They were released on $6,000 bail.

Singer said Condict is accused of sending $300 to a source in Arizona for illegal dr*gs. Police found 24 grams of methamphetamine in the package they confiscated, he said.

Singer said Moore police have contacted the federal dr*g Enforcement Administration.

"There is going to be some follow-up on where this m*th came from and who sent it," he said.

25 March 2004


These guys work (and I assume one of them owns) A-Better Tint and Alarms. I guess business got a little slow? And they decided on a little side business to supplement their income. This place has been in business for a couple of years at least, yellow page ad, the works. Oh well, at least it gave me something worthwhile to post about. Just another day in the ghetto here in Oklahoma City. :lol:thumb:tt

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Guest fimmo

as if there isnt already enough talk about going legal on this site and dont go illegal (while always refering to tint!) this makes a change,but not a good one! why get involved in that scene?? if my tint business was getting slow then you advertise etc. you dont start dealing!! total idiots. :thumb

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Caffeine and nicotine are good enough... been known to do minor smokables in the past, but never even considered dealing.

Can you imagine? Cops already assume people are hiding something if their windows are tinted, and they're dealing. Idiots.

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Guest tinterjim

DAMN IT!!!!! Just more bad press for our industry. :gay Those of us who strive to do things right and legal always get knocked down because idiots like this. :thumb

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