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My first irate customer....

Guest Eclipse

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Guest Eclipse

Well ok she wasn't my customer...but she was irate.

Here is a little background.

For the last 8 months we have been airing a couple radio spots. These spots are different than most commericals you hear on the radio. Kinda pushing the envleope. We have been getting all kinds of positive feedback on them. One lady called and said, "My husband told me to call you and schedule both of our cars in with you. He said that your commercials were so funny that he didn't care how much you charge, he just wants you to do them."

So after months of this kind of response, I get a call yesterday that went something like this.

"Is this Eclipse Window Tinting? Yeah, I was going to bring all our shop vehicles to have you tint them........ and then I heard your commercial, and now I am taking my business to -------------- (competitor) Your commercial was VERY OFFENSIVE Very Offensive.

There is a long pause because I don't know what to say. I bet I have had 120 calls all saying the opposite of this lady. So I said "Thank you for your imput. Have a great day." :thumb

I think it was a setup, by a competitor.

Can't make everyone happy. :gay

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