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Weird thing

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Lady calls and asks to speak to whoever is in charge. I say "speaking" she tells

me that she is following a dark blue jetta with our logo on it. I'm thinking cool she

likes the job and wants to set up an appointment. Instead she says "there are

three kids in the car throwing water baloons at people on the street." I was

like "why are you calling me?" She says that because of the logo I would know

who they are. I told her that I had no idea who they are and she should call the

cops not a tint shop.

She was pissed like I was going to do something about it and hung up. :thumb

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she should of just taken down the liscense plate and called the cops, and wateer balloons who cares!

Exactly, take the plate # down and call the po-po if that bothers her so much. :thumb

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