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We all know that colored film fades really fast.

After you do your most awesomist most insane custom graphic and install it on someones car or store front you would hate to see it fade in a couple of months to a year wouldn't you.

My solution to this problem is. Install clear UV shield first then your graphic to keep the colored film from fadeing. :thumb:thumb

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good idea pro but I would add clear behind it also for two reasons. one bieng protection for the art work. it is expensive and who wants to pay to have it redone. if it gets a little nick in it. and two you make more money buy eselling them more work. and explaining that they would be better off with the added protection

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What no medal? 

Guess it wasn't that good of an idea.  :lol

If you can prove you were the artist behind the famous "Struggla" mobile then I would think it would be deserving. You could then use it as an example of your handiwork. :popcorn

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