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the final third...this is where i go wrong

Guest naughtydog

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Guest naughtydog

I am trying to change my habits and start installing the film with the top two thirds first. Give it a bit of heat, roll up and then remove the rest of the liner. I have done it sucessfully a few times but today I struggled and ended up pulling the panel.

My question is this, the vehicle I did today had quite a deep seal on the long edge, does this normally make this method more troublesome?? The vehicles this method has worked on, did not have such a deep seal.

I ended up with a little contamination, started over with the panel off and it went OK.

Now I know as OT says

"talking wont get you there, practice will"
but can anybody give me any tips on how to remove the final third of the liner and keep the install clean whilst either using the gasket wizard or red devil or whatever tool of choice you prefer. I dont like trashing film but I think this is the only way I'll get there.

I have seen a real pro do this and I think he folded the corners of the film in and stuck the SR side to the glass whilst he raised it. Also, I think I should be removing the liner from the door mirror end first and not the trailing end. I did this today and I almost pulled the whole godddam piece off the glass - is this my main problem here??. I think my mounting solution was a little soapy too and was not helping the film stick quickly, is this what too soapy a solution will do.

Point me in the right direction guys

Thanks for your patience


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Guest tinterjim

When your peeling the liner use your free hand to hold the tint in place so it wont rip off the glass. Once I've removed the liner I use my thumbs to "rest" the film on top of the gasket, then I use my handy dandy film tuckin tool to seat it inplace. Squeegee. Done!

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Guest Sprinter

once you have the glass rolled up lift the liner right in the middle twords you and pull it our from the door panel until you've pulled an inch of tint off the window right above where the liner is attached, flush this area with your sprayer and then with your free hand put it on the tint above where you start to pull the liner off, on the left or right does'nt matter.

if one side is not all jacked up crumbly looking start on the side that looks like its almost flat and start pulling the liner off and as you do slide your hand across also, if this is hard then put your whole arm on the tint and you remove the liner.

its important to make sure you lift the liner off the glass so that you peel one inch of tint up off the glass as this will be flushed out with your sprayer and if you don't you will get a line of contamination right where the liner met the tint.

once you've pulled the liner and the film is sitting agaiinst the glass then you can with your thumb move the tint over so you can slide it under the felt or side and take a bone tool and get behind the gasket and then you can slide the film in behind. when you get to the small side keep your bone in there about two inches from the side and take your thumb and move the film so its straight down and against the glass and slide it in there and with your bone in place you should be able to slide it in there with no problems then squegee as normal and then take a diaginal tool and squegee the sides and the bottom below the gasket and your set!

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You might want to try 'flipping' the entire final third up and let it rest on the finished part of the window (the top 2/3's) this allows you to 1. clean the bottom part of the window by Flushing it out with alot of water and 2. makes it easy to tuck the gasket (if thats what you want to do ) Also when you remove the rest of the clear pay extra attention and DO NOT allow the tint to touch the clean part of the glass until the liner is removed. If you find a 'Dirt line' right at the area where you removed the last of the clear thats what its from

Good luck and :ot Practice is the only way to get better at it

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