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neal diamond is the king!!!

Guest tintgod

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Guest tintgod
that guy can't suck enough, it's old jewish lady music :inot

oh.come on TD.. I bet you listen to him all the time...and I be you know all his songs... :inot

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Neil Diamond usually = :inot

Check out Urge Overkill's rendition of "Girl you'll be a woman soon" by the Diamante man.

Not bad.

Many of his songs have been remade by other bands who made them pop hits.

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Hey, I actually like Neil Diamond,,,my mom loves him so I grew up listening to him :thumb  he has some catchy songs :beer

La's fine, sunshine most of the time

The feeling is laid back

Palm trees grow and the rents are low

But you know I keep thinking about

Making my way back

Well, I'm new york city born and raised

But nowadays, I'm lost between two shores

La's fine, but it ain't home

New york's home but it ain't mine no more

Sing it TC. :lol:rollin

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