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Guest TINTFXold

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Guest TINTFXold

the tools you sent to me worked great. I like how light they are but are very durable and dont bend if I gotta put some muscle into them.... (nasty damn door retainers :hide)

I give them a 5 out of 5 because there wasnt a single clip , fastner, or retainer that I couldnt get to or out


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Guest metint

Thank you for getting back on them.

I'll pass your findings on to Performance Tools, they are the one's looking into adding them to their tool line offering.

Sometimes it's funny for people to come to me for these kinds of things when I don't do tinting on a daily basis anymore.

Kinda like getting a call from a struggling tinter who has a vehicle in his shop I've neither seen nor tinted and they be looking for me to help them through it... :hide I can give 'em the basics and anything I've heard, but I cannot give it from my own hands on experience from '97 models on up.

Again, appreciate your help in the matter. :hide

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