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bummer day

Guest Evo

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Guest metint

Usually when my day seems all aginst me I have to remember the guy who deep dives for an offshore oil rig. To go as deep as he needs to go he has to have warm water pumped into his suit to keep him warm in those chilly depths.

One day the filter was not on the system and a jellyfish was sucked in and pumped into this guy's dive suit. He felt an itch at his a$$ and reached to manipulate the suit trying to relieve the itch... all of a sudden the jellyfish stung him in the a$$.

Frantically, he fought to get to the surface and out of his suit. The whole time coworkers were having a good roll on the floor laugh over it all. He was stung so bad he couldn't use his a$$ for anything for three days.

That is a bad day and compares very little to the one's I perceive to be 'bad', today.

Cheers... :thumb

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