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:gaybooga see if you guys can beat this crazy SVIT!

I am standing at the counter waiting for my first job and my boss says "SIR, I have a project for you, I need youi to see if you can tint a bowling ball." :spit

I started laughing and he said "NO, I am serious" and I am like FLOORED becasue this is the stupidest shivt I have ever heard come out of this mans mouth.

I told him no way in hell is that gonna work, he actually looked at me like he was pissed I wouldnt even TRY it :gaybooga

then he starts telling me HIS WIFE was putting tinfoil on the bowling ball trying to mimick those shiny yard ball things you see in peoples yard, well she kept getting creases in the tinfoil and figured I could do it with window tint. :lol:lol:lol:lol

I swear I am ready to quit this @#$% retarted place.

tint a bowling ball riiiiiiiiight :gaybooga

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