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Guest thetintshop

never heard this one before.

today a customer calls and asks how much to tint his 04 ford crew cab. I tell him and he says "wow, I didn't think it would be that high." :lol I didn't say anything.

then he says "can I still put 20% on the front doors?" :)

I said "you've never been able to put 20% on the front doors. 35% is the law, and has been for 17 years."

he then says "so I need to bring 35%?" :):lol

I said "do what?"

he said "do I need to bring some 35% and 20%?"

I said "I'm a llumar dealer, I only install llumar film."

he says "oh, you carry film there at your shop?" :lol:lol:popcorn:lol

I said (sarcasitcally) "yeeeaah, I'm a tinting facility, it's what we do here."

he says "wow, never heard of that before." :lol:lol:):what:)

"wow, never heard of that before." ARE YOU FREAKIN SERIOUS??????

that's like calling mcdonalds and asking them if they want you to bring in the meat for your hamburger. some people have no freakin brains.

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"do I need to bring some 35% and 20%?"

At this very point you should have interrupted him and said, "Wait hold on a minute here. Let's first decide where we're gonna meet so I can apply the t!ntz for you. We're gonna need a large tree with plenty of shade next to a water hose." :lol

Give him a taste of his own stupidity and see what HIS reaction is.

Fuggin' dumbass. :popcorn

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Guest fimmo

I've had that a few time's!! they ask for a price then ask where they can buy the film for me to install!! they didnt think my price was for supply and fit!! :booga

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I am SUre he was Busting your BUbles TTS. I mean I ca'nt Imagine NO One (not even Bush :zzz ) that Stupid to ask you this kind of Question. I think its MDOG. :inot :inot :inot :bmw . He played a Prank On YOU.



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I get customers ask me that all the time. pisses me off to no end, I did it once because I needed money and the customer insisted and the customer came back a few months later askin why the adhesive is failing and turning purple. wanted me to redo it for free, I just laughed and said you shoulda had me use my stuff, needless to say I got extra money for a strip and retint :rollin

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