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Please tell me how can i put my AVATAR????!!!


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I want to put in my AVATAR and photos too. I hope you will like me and we will be friends as with LEO'n'DARTS. :booga I see how much hi likes this FORUM. Every day hi's in. Sometimes hi even don't hear me when I ask him some questions, I see just letters in his eyes (if you understand what I'm trying to say!!! :popcorn )

I can't write as much as Leo, I'm too busy at work, but I will try to unswer often.

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Guest H?perOptik

keep posting pics like that and you will overtake Leo in popularity! :):popcorn

for pics and avatar, go to My Controls at the top of the page, under Personal Profiles, change under Edit Signature / Edit Avatar Settings :lol

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Guest metint

Yeah... up until you see a cauliflower ear on the side not shown in this profile shot... :inot :thumb

Skin deep is all... :inot

I'd have to say Leo has excellent taste in people and in photo quality. :rollin

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