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What do short tinters use to stand on

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I want to build me a platform of some kind! I am 5' 4" (OK, with really thick soles) and I really need something better than a step stool for trimming side windows on those big trucks (:rollin no short people jokes). I know we have some gadget builders out there :thumb , anyone already build something.

TTC :beer

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Guest thetintshop

Equalizer used to make this thing called the Texas Two-Step. it was polyurethane, so it wouldn't scratch paint, and only weighed like 8 pounds. I just went to their site and for some reason, they don't have it on there. it was new in their catalog last year, and it's not there now. I don't know why.

you can try to find it here.

but I didn't have any luck.

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Guest Sprinter

ha I remember on tool time that tim had hydralic air lift dry wall extensions now those would be bad!

I use the gorilla ladder like an A frame for semi trucks I supose you could build some big boxes like what cheer leaders get on top of when they're cheering for football games thoes would work.

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You can go to Lowes or Home Depot and pick up a Costco brand step stool that is lightweight and won't scratch the paint either for about $15.00. They're very sturdy and take alot of abuse. I use mine for truck brows and the like.


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I'd sure hate to p1ss Paladin off but I can't help it. I think you can ask just about any guy to help you by sitting on his shoulders facing opposite directions. :rollin

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