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what would you suggest to do after training?

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I have a question I'm going to training but not sure we're to go from there should I try and start my own thing or should I work for someone to better my skills? If you do work for someone do you get a good percent of your work? Pretty new at this so I'm sorry if it sounds like a stupid question. Thanks

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More than likely working for someone is going to be better off depending on the training. Pretty much most of it is going to be a crash course. You just can't learn everything you need to know in one course. It takes years of practice. Good luck.

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:thumb :thumb  on taking Stan's class!!


Depending on your other business skills you may be ready to have at it on your own. Be sure your insurance,business plan and goals are ducks already lined up.


If not be clear of your intentions as you look for employment in the industry.


No one wants to "train the competion". Maybe a proposal to lead at a secondary shop would entice a potential employer to snatch you up.

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:welcome  Crazynate


If think Stan's course is comprehensive enough to get you started on your own after you finish.....depending on your skillset of course.  


If you don't mind starting off tough and you have the capability of taking slow, you might be able to find you a place that will fit your needs and try going on your own first.  Get all you stuff in order and give it a shot.  :thumb  Even if you don't make it you will have your license and everything to fall back on.  The main point I want to make, is if you are going to try it on your own,  Get everything you need first,, don't go halfway or rely on some else's license(unless you are just going to be an employee).     :twocents


Good luck Sir  :beer 

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