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Tinting the TV

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OK all you brainiacs out there, here is a curly one.

I have a customer who would like to recess his big screen tv into the wall and cover it with a pane of glass that obscures the tv whilst it is turned off but allows unhindered vision when the tv is switched on.

He is looking for a glass product or a film to accomplish this...money is not an issue.

I would think many reflective , dual reflective and nr films films would obscure the tv whilst off ....allowing the unhindered vision when the unit is switched on may be trickier.

Any thoughts????

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Hey Rocky   :beer


Diablo is not far off on his suggestion.  Hiding it like in a mirror still leaves a spot where you can see the outline necessary to make the TV visible.  Usually doesn't work well for large applications.  Small, like in a bathroom in the corner of a mirror works okay.  


With the new electric frost films out there, I think it would be a better choice.  It takes low voltage to make it work(usually no electrician needed) and the larger piece applications seem to work out better.  I think if you can get the TV just the right distance from the glass, it will work both ways(hiding it and watching it).  


not an expert, just my opinion.  


You can also check this thread to see if it helps any  http://www.tintdude.com/forum/index.php/topic/79324-smart-film-has-anyone-used-it/

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If money is not an issue try using a 50% silver film first. If that is not enough the a 35 and finally a 20 to 10.

My first job out of college was working on video amusements and we had some games with mirrored glass. When of it was just a dark mirror. If course the tv will have to be set relativity brighter. That is the reason I would try a 50% first.

Tell them this is not a normal request and you need to try a couple options.

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Here is some goofy designer frost film 8mil,,when you look strait thru its clear and from a angle its frosty look and very expensive film

I did a big panel of 1/2in glass 8'+12' store interior,,twice,,somebody broke the window somehow a yr later,,contracter subbed me the job and sent the film



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The make a product specifically for this application. But that may lose this part of his business (or get you more for steering him in the correct direction)

Yep, on this occasion I don't care if I get the job or not. It's only 1 pane of glass ...it's more about solving the problem for the contractor that I do get a lot of work from year round.

Thanks guys.

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I'm not sure how it was done but when teaching tinting in Italy a couple years ago my room in Milono had a large sixty inch behind a large wall mirror. I found the remote right away but the TV eluded me for a while. I couldn't see any sign of it behind the mirror! Probably a silver 20 with the screen turned up bright.




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