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Moving your anchor up or down

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Okay, so I get the concept of moving your anchor up or down to spread the shrink towards the more curve, or however you want to word that, but I guess how is the best way to "see" which way you need to move it? 


I guess I don't know exactly how to tell I am moving it towards the "more curvy" part of the window?  Is that usually the narrower side?  Like on a Toyota Camry, move it up a little towards the top for example?  


Actually I had a little bit of a time with a Camry today, that is what got me thinkin about that.  The rear window was giving me a little issue, but the sides actually sucker punched me.  Wasted a crap load of time cutting all the windows and messing with installing a few of them only to realize I needed to preshrink them or they would end up with a buttload of fingers.  Redid and shrank and voila!  Installed without fingers.  Seems I am gonna have to get more in the habit with doing that with cars because my Civic 2 door was like that too.  Seems to be more cars than suvs and trucks by far. Although my father in laws Caravan was like that too.  


But anyways back to the anchor line.....and how often do you guys do that?  You always favor it one way or the other in general to make it easier on a b/g that has a considerable curve?  I just need some examples so I can picture it in my mind which way you are going with it.  Thanks!

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Probably 85% of my anchors are directly in the center. The only ones that I know right off hand that I change are corvette and chargers. I'm sure there's a ton more that people do this is just the ones that I know right now. As far as the side windows it doesn't hurt to check them to see if they need a little shrinking. It only adds an extra minute or two but makes a world of difference.

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Ya, I almost felt like I forgot everything I had been doing today....lol.  I was a little distracted selling a car for a buddy, etc.  Had to stop what I was doing, and friend I was tinting the car for needed it back for an appt so I was trying to finish and think I just rushed too much.  Forgot the little things.  Looking back I am like....doh!  Dumbass.....but yes....shrinkin the film a little pretty much took the fingers 95% out.  If not all the way.  I did three windows with a little shrink pretty quik with no issues.  Irritated the crap out of me that I screwed around so long.....


That's another thing I need to get into routine, is just bein ready to shrink the sides.  Every job is a learning experience.  I usually succeed, but some go in 30-40 minutes and others I waste hours....haha


So, quick question about the Vettes and Chargers.  You move the anchor up or down?  And you talking just a few inches-ish?

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A Proper squeege pattern and don't get the bottom seal wet will help control fingers on the door glass that most need no heat gun,,improper pattern can make more work

And too much soap mixture doesn't help with fingers unless very hot and humid

When there is not enough soap,the mixture runs down the glass like a waxed car or rainx and the pattern won't slide to good

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