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How's it going everyone my names Angelo and I'm new to this forum so forgive me if i broke any rules with this post as i do apologize and will fix my mistakes if there brought to my attention. Anyway i'm looking for a full or part time Window film installer job in the Philadelphia / SouthJersey area. I just moved to the Delaware county area of Pennsylvania (10 min outside of Philly) after living in South Jersey my whole life. I went to Camden County Community College to be a Automotive Technician, graduated the class and decided it wasn't what i wanted to do as far as a career and decided to make building and racing cars a hobbie of mine instead. Being new to this area I was looking for a job online and stumbled across a buddy of mine who installs film and he mentioned he needed help making a deadline with his job so i went to help him for the night and ended up getting a job being that the boss liked my personality and how i worked. Well long story short this ''full time'' job turned out to be a few month of work and then turned into random 4 hour jobs here and there, i cant afford life expenses working like that so it wasn't exactly what i was looking for as i need work that's more steady. So basically that's how i got introduced to window film. Like i said i have about 3-4 months experience so i'm no pro however i'm a fast learner and enjoy doing the jobs and learning more about this field of work. I have learned quite a bit in these past months, I learned how to Clean/Install film,Tape edges and frames, and I've been practicing caulking but i wouldn't say I've mastered it quite yet from what i understand it takes a little time to develop a proper technique for it. For the most part most of my experience has been with security film i have limited experience with other thinner film as most of the jobs i have done were on schools or buildings getting security film installed, taped, and caulked. Learning how to ''roll'' a bigger piece of film down a window instead of just pulling it off the adhesive and trying to stick the big piece to a window was something i learned that not only helped me speed things up, but made it easier to film larger windows which was something i was nervous about at first. I enjoy the work I've done so far and i'm eager to learn more and see if i cant find a job continuing to do it. Thanks for taking the time to read what i have to say. If you would like to get in contact with me my phone number is ***856-693-7847*** and my email is*** Briteworkshid@gmail.com ***Thanks Again i hope to hear from you! 


PS. i don't mind traveling for work wither it be via work truck or finding transportation to the location. Also being away from home for a period of time is not a problem. i have a valid driver licence and not afraid of heights/ladder work.




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